Hi, I’m Carol!

twitter: robot_md

Curriculum Vitae (C.V.)

Carol is an engineering entrepreneur, AI roboticist, and executive. She is on the board of, advising, and/or investing in several companies ranging from AI, healthcare, and diversity.

She has been working in robotics and AI for over 18 years and was the youngest member elected on the IEEE Robotics and Automation board. She previously worked at Intuitive Surgical, Lockheed Martin, General Electric, and Drive.ai where she developed highly regulated products in a variety of different applications such as space, underwater, medical and self-driving vehicles. She co-founded, invested, and is on the board/advisor of self-driving car startup drive.ai. As President, she led company strategy, helped build team of 8 to 150+ employees, and raised over $77M, building partnerships with Lyft, Grab, governments and automotive companies.

In 2018, she left drive.ai to founded a new healthcare company and will be excited to share details soon. She is currently an advisor and creative collaborator of the SF symphony, on the technical advisory board of Harman, and a brand spokesperson for Guerlain Cosmetics. Her work has been featured in WSJ, NY Times, MIT Tech Review, Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Wired, etc. In 2018, Carol was recognized as one of Forbes top 50 women in tech, 25 AI researchers; Inc Magazine Female Founder 100 list, and Quartz Founders index (#18) for her work in Artificial Intelligence.

She did her graduate work at Johns Hopkins University as an NSF Fellow researching how humans and robots interact. She currently hold over eight patents, published over a dozen academic papers in top conferences, and have given many keynotes speeches including two Tedx Talks. She also founded Tinkerbelle labs (low cost DIY open source projects) and Squishybots (educational robotics for children and a children’s book author). She is an advocate for underrepresented groups in technology and have spoken out about the Bias in AI. She was the first female engineer on the cover of MAKE magazine.

She enjoys reading, traveling to experience different cultures, running half marathons, and dance related activities. And of course, Robots.

-Computer Science Ph.D. candidate at Johns Hopkins University specializing in robotics and computer vision (ABD, dropped out).
-Computer Science M.S. thesis degree specializing in haptics for surgical robotics.
-Computer Engineering B.S. degree was at Santa Clara University researching underwater robotics.


Ada Beta - Squishybots
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