Speaking topics:

  • A Future with Artificial Intelligence
  • The Future of Work
  • Women in Tech and Entrepreneurship
  • Technology and the Future of Art
  • Technology and the Future of Fashion
  • The 4th Industrial Revolution
  • Ethics & Diversity in Algorithms
  • And more…

Coming Up in 2021:

* San Francisco Symphony Youth Luncheon (Chevron outreach event for STEM Middle School programs Tech Bridge Girls and Girls Inc) (March 16th, 15 min talk),
* Stanford Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI) institute [Artists Panel with cofounder Hilary Hahn], March 25th, 15 min talk + 45 min panel
*Tableau Data & Diversity, March 30th
* AI Everything in Dubai [VP Keynote], Oct 17-20, 20 min talk
Google Interactive Summit, [Talk: Interactive Robots and AI: From the Physical World to the Digital Design], Feb 4th 9am-12pm, 30 min talk, Virtual

SALT, [Panel: Machine Learning and future of work and education][VIP Panel: AI Discussion with Kai-Fu Lee], May, Las Vegas, NV

GE Research Women in Science and Engineering Conference, [Keynote], “AI Is the New Electricity”, May, Schenectady, NY

Sequoia Base Camp, [Talk: AI Power Couple with Andrew Ng], May, California

WSJ – Future of Everything,  [Panel: Future of AI], May, New York, NY


Santa Clara University, “Lunch with an Entrepreneur”, Oct, Santa Clara, CA

Silicon Valley Hardware Symposium – Product Realization Group [Panel], “Robotics & Automation – Are You Ready?”, September, Mountain View, CA

CVPR WiCS workshop [Keynote], “Are We Making Artificial Intelligence As Bias As Humans?”, June, Salt Lake City, UT

Founder Forum [Panel], “Future of Transport and Managing Urban Centers: Algorithms, AI and People”, June, London, UK

CogX [Keynote], “When Bias in Product Design Means Life or Death”, June, London

CogX [Panel], “Why Women in AI – The Need for Diversity in the Data and Training of AI”, June, London, UK

ML4All [Keynote], “When Bias in Product Design Means Life or Death”, May, Portland, OR

Microsoft CEO Summit [Workshop organizer], “Future of Transportation”, May, Seattle, WA

Stanford University Mobility Entrepreneurship ME302C course, [Guest Lecturer] “Peek into A Self-driving Startup Business”, April, Palo Alto, CA

Techchill [Keynote], Feb, Latvia

Techchill [Panel], “Silicon Valley A status Check”, Feb, Latvia

World Government Summit [Panel], “Why Governments Need to Invest in Robotics and AI”, Feb, Dubai
World Government Summit (video)


The Information, “How a self-driving startup can compete with established companies”, Sept, Mountain View

MIT, EmTech [Speaker], May, San Francisco,


The Atlantic, What’s Next Conference [Speaker], October, Chicago


SheHeroes Video, August

Drive.ai Company Launch Vision Statement:team.png

Here’s a few publications that covered us:
 | Drive.ai is developing an autonomous car that interacts with emojis
Autoweek |  Calif. startup aims to take autonomous cars to next level with new language
Business Insider | A start-up born out of Stanford just entered the driverless car race with a radical approach
Business Insider | A Silicon Valley start-up just fixed one of the biggest problems with self-driving cars
Christian Science Monitor | Why a Silicon Valley startup is teaching autonomous cars to talk
CNET |  Drive.ai brings ’emotional intelligence’ to self-driving cars
Detroit Free Press | Drive.ai wants to make delivery vehicles self-driving with retrofit kit
IEEE Spectrum |  Drive.ai Solves Autonomous Cars’ Communication Problem
Financial Times |  Driverless cars to display road etiquette with emojis
Financial Times |  EU salvos against Apple and Goldman channel anti-Americanism
Forbes | Brains Behind The Wheel: Drive.ai Plans Retrofit Kits For Self-Driving Cars
Fortune | This Startup Is Using Deep Learning to Make Self-Driving Cars More Like Humans
Inverse |  Drive’ai’s Self-Driving Cars Will Show Emoji to Pedestrians
Mashable |  What if you could look a self-driving car in the eye?
MIT Technology Review | New Self-Driving Car Tells Pedestrians When It’s Safe to Cross the Street
Newswheel | Autonomous Driving Startup Wants Cars to Talk to You (Partly With Emojis)
The New York Times |  How Driverless Cars May Interact With People
PC Magazine | This Start-Up Makes Sure Driverless Cars Don’t Run You Over
Popular Science | This Company Wants To Turn Your Car Into a Driverless Car
Reuters | Self-driving car startup Drive.ai names former GM exec to board (Syndicated to CNBC, The Daily Mail, Yahoo!, Times of India)
Silicon Beat | Drive.ai wants to give self-driving cars more brainpower, personality
Silicon Valley Business Journal | Mountain View startup reveals its plan to solve a self-driving car problem
SlashGear | Drive.ai puts a deep learning spin on self-driving technology
The Stack  | Self-driving startup to build new ‘language’ for cars using deep learning
TechCrunch | Drive.ai uses deep learning to teach self-driving cars – and to give them a voice
USA Today | Garage startup uses deep learning to teach cars to drive (Syndicated to KHOU Houston)
The Verge | Drive.ai wants to help autonomous cars talk with the people around them
WIRED | The Plan to Make Self-Driving Cars Speak Human



“Autonomous Vehicle Startup Drive.ai Licensed to Test in California”

IEEE Robotics and Automation
“DriveAI brings deep learning to self driving cars”


Hopkins Magazine, “Meet Carol Reiley, a Johns Hopkins robotics scientist who’s written a book for kids“.

TEDxWanChaiWomen, Hong Kong
“Re-writing the Toy Story: Where are all the female roboticists?”

Makerfaire [Keynote], San Mateo
The Future of Robotics


Kickstarter, Making a Splash


Cusp, Chicago
“Research to DIY Robots”


MAKE magazine, v29:
1) air guitar hero hack, 2) diy blood pressure monitor system


“From Personal Computers To Personal Robots”

IGNITE Baltimore
“The Operating Room of the Future”

Regarding Research:

Regarding Courses Taught:

Regarding Service:

  1. Robots navigate maze, surgery: Robotic Systems Challenge Draws Students from Area Schools,” The Baltimore Sun, April 1, 2007.
Invited Robotics Speaker:

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