My research interests are to develop intelligent robotic systems that can aid humans in performing skillful tasks more effectively.  I have been applying techniques from machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing to the field of biomedical engineering.  I am interested in evaluating performance in dextrous tool manipulation, providing augmented feedback through visual cues or haptic (touch) interfaces, enabling human-machine collaborative control, or automating repetitive tasks. Application areas include autonomous cars, surgery, industrial robotics, remote exploration, creative expression, and education.

Surgical Robotics Projects


Sensory Substitution 2004-2007
 Tumor AR Overlay  2007


Industrial Robotics Projects

 Force Feelin’ 2003-2004

Remote Exploration/Underwater Robotic Projects

 Triton 2002-2003
 Seafox 2001-2002

Creative Expression Robotics Projects

 Kurvy Kirby 2004

General Electric Research, People Tracking, 2007
Databases, 2005
Lockheed Martin Central Design Engineering, 2003
Lockheed Martin Space Based InfraRed System, 2004
Lockheed Martin Mobile User Objective System (Grant Writing Proposal) 2004
Automated Needle Insertion (Education), 2004
Computing Research Association- Women Distributed Mentor Program, 2003

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