Force Feelin

IBM manipulator with haptics (force feedback)





As the first design team at Santa Clara University to experiment with force feedback and integrate haptic feedback into a robotic arm, helping make tasks more realistic for robotic operators.  The main objective of our interdisciplinary team of six was to modify an existing IBM robotic arm, model number 7545, focusing on the integration of haptics into the operation and control of the robot. This integration was to allow the user to feel differences in the rigidity of the objects picked up by the robot gripper. Therefore, the system would be providing cutaneous feedback to the user, so that the user will be able to respond to forces. For example, if the gripper was to pick up a rock, the user could distinguish the hardness of that object as opposed to squeezing a spring, which would feel pliable. Another objective was to perform the proper maintenance required for the robot since it was not functional and out of use. After getting the robot in a functional state, a new user interface was designed and manufactured that would not only move the arm and gripper, but also be simplistic and user friendly.

The video shows picking up and egg with and without haptic feedback.