Courses I Have Taught:

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Computer Vision

Teaching Assistant, Johns Hopkins University, Fall 2010
Primary Instructor: Dr. Gregory D. Hager
Number of students: 50 students (37 graduate and 13 undergraduate)
Role: Held office hours, conducted problem solving sessions, graded exams.

Facebook 101: Developing Photo and Video Applications for Online Social Networks
Instructor & new course designer, Johns Hopkins University, Intersession 2009
Number of students: 12 undergraduate students
Taught students how to create and launch web 2.0 applications using computer vision tools to detect or track objects in the environment. Students worked in small teams to conceptualize, develop, distribute, and market new applications to Facebook users. Co-taught with Daniel Mirota.

Haptic Applications in Medical Robotics
Instructor & new course designer, Johns Hopkins University, Intersession 2007
Student Evaluations: Mean teaching evaluation score of 4.85 out of 5.0
Number of students: 14 undergraduate students
An overview of medical robotic technology and haptic feedback in a surgical setting. Course work included weekly lectures, hands-on laboratory exercises, paper readings, discussions, and presentations. Co-taught with Dr. Panadda Marayong.

Graduate Courses I Have Taken:

Computer Science
: Computer Vision (Hager), Databases (Yarowsky), Programming Languages (Smith), Randomized Algorithms (Kosaraju), Computer Network Fundamentals (Masson), Machine Learning  (Sheppard), Linear Optimization (Han)

Mechanical: Motors, Sensors, and Actuators (Okamura), Introduction to Robotics (Cowan), Haptic Systems (Mahvash)-Short Course

Biomedical: Computer Integrated Surgery I (Taylor), Surgery for Engineers (Brown), Responsible Research Conduct, Biology for Engineers

Other: Intellectual Property-Short Course, Engineering Management